We began building our project top down – starting with fully immersive worlds focused on self development back in late 2020 which we first showcased 2 years later at CryptoCon in Gold Coast, Australia.

With mainstream adoption of headsets easily 5-10 years away – we shifted our focus towards designing the next layer down through incremental development over the next 2 years. The result was the design of a mobile version which rewards through decentralized economies, and enables true sovereignty with integrated blockchain technology.

Again we shifted focused to the next layer down through an MVP and Go-To-Market Strategy. At the same time Presence was then invited to exhibit at The Future Blockchain Summit, Dubai in late 2023. We created a prototype for this specific event to further test the market and define the requirements for our MVP.

Since The Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai – the team at Presence has been developing our Web MVP which you currently see today. While also securing marketing, tech, and legal partnerships required to successfully action our Go-To-Market strategy from Q2 2024 onwards. 

Next for Presence is to optimise this Web MVP and launch our marketing campaign in preparation for our IDO / ICO currently set for July 2024. We have already began developing our investor dashboard and smart contracts to ensure our early investors and holders have a seamless experience. 

Meet Our Team

Chent Thambiah

CEO / Founder

10+ years as a private coach to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and high performers ranging from 6 to 10+ figures. Has a wealth of experience in implementing disruptive tech.

Dillen Tranchell

President / CMO

16+ years in real world business with a media agency currently averaging 2+ billion views per month and owning 1/3 YouTube Diamond Play Buttons in Australasia.

Kanji Low


7+ years in high level operations through leading projects in multiple industries at IBM. Currently an active consultant to other emerging Web2 & Web3 founders.

Scott Mirchandani

Head of Onboarding

8+ years of onboarding into rapidly growing companies and large organizations such as one of the big 4 banks. The final touch point in onboarding our advisors, team, and investors.

Gichin Fuhiniu

Partnerships / Relations

8+ years of experience in building collective movements, bringing together teams, and sourcing key partnerships to ignite exponential growth in businesses.

Monica Yang

Creative Director

Creative designer from the age of 11 and over the last 11 years gained online virality, experience in corporate media, and launched a VR entertainment agency.

Support us in our vision of creating a platform to better humanity – one person at a time.